PartMarine is a specialized search engine created by Ilker Temir to find boat parts on the Internet more easily.

PartMarine is not an online shop or merchant. We do not sell anything ourselves. We help you find what you are looking for at existing merchants.

Our web crawler identifies itself as MarineBot and obeys robots.txt. If you encounter any issues with its behavior, please do let us know.

For the technically curious, PartMarine is developed using Python, Django, MySQL, MongoDB, Scrapy, Elasticsearch and many other awesome Python libraries.

You can contact us at adminpartmarine.com or me personally at ilkerilkertemir.com

We also help the community. As we are in the technology business ourselves, we have a few servers that we are running for our operations, including for PartMarine. If you have a sailing or marine project, forum or web site and are in need of hosting, we may be able to provide you the infrastructure for free. We will support not for profit projects and sites that help the sailing community. We may request you to provide a link back to us as your hosting provider, that will be about it. If you need such support, contact us.

Thank you and happy sailing.

Ilker Temir

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