Xtreme Heaters 450W Engine Compartment Heater

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Brand: Xtreme Heaters

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XTREME Heater 450
Bilge heaters built with new technology makes Xtreme the smart choice for the serious boater.
BTU: 1535-2130
Cubic Ft: 350
Wattage: 450-625+
Exit Air Temp: 203
The core of the Xtreme Heater is a heating element that is self-regulated at a preset temperature and automatically varies its wattage in order to maintain that preset temperature. What this means is that the heater will increase power and heat as it get colder to maintain the same temperature. The adaptability to outside temperatures also means less power consumed over the heating period. the Xtreme Heater is engineered to be fail safe and reliable with no sparks so that it is safe for marine use. All components were engineered specifically for the Xtreme Heater to keep your boat safe and in optimal condition.
  • True Forced air heaters for more accurate climate control (circulating warm air through engine compartment efficiently and consistently)
  • Automatic thermostat turns heater on at 40°F and off at 55°F +/- 3°
  • Safe through temperature limiting characteristics (Heater will not overheat)
  • Dynamic, self regulating, and therefore energy efficient and economical to use
  • High power to size ratio (built to fit in the smallest package size possible to deliver the most effective heat ever in a bilge heater)
  • Pre-wired (for ease of installation by consumer or professional) for 115v power source
  • Long lifetime / reliable (built to last a lifetime with the best parts available)
  • Built to meet or exceed ABYC ignition protection standards with UL, SA, CE and VDE recognized components (This is the safest possible way today)
  • Fully anodized inside and out for superior protection from the harsh marine environment
  • Fully 1 year warranty and lifetime support for service
  • Recommended operating temperature is from 15°F to 180°F
  • 20 foot power cord with a 3 prong plug easily reaches from heater mounting point to circuit protected outlet inside cabin
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