WinchRite ABT Cordless Electric Winch Handle with Storage Cradle

Brand: Winchrite
Model: WR-ABT

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  • The worlds premier handheld battery-operated winch handle for the marine industry. The WinchRite allows you to instantly electrify every Winch on your boat!
  • This newest version of the WinchRite utilizes ABT, (Advanced Brushless Technology) leverages modern brush-less technology to be the most efficient and powerful tool yet!
  • Some of these advancements include: Best-in-class newly designed brushless drive motor. Unmatched torque control with soft start insuring unsurpassed operator control. Strengthened gear-box with one piece main drive gear, Heightened battery efficiency.
  • New styling with Navy Blue rubber inlay. Onboard mounting holder (previously only offered separately) is now included. Newly resigned case and carrying tote ensures the WinchRite is protected when in storage and ready for service.
  • These latest improvements have culminated in making this newest version of the WinchRite ABT a welcome companion on any size boat!
PriceSellerAvailabilityLast Seen
$599.99eBayIn Stock23 Dec 2017
$699.0eBayIn Stock07 Feb 2018
$845.0eBayIn Stock19 Feb 2018
$1,017.0Amazon.comIn Stock17 Feb 2018
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