Below Deck Aluminum Fuel Tank - 18Ga

Brand: Rds Manufacturing
Model: 59065

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Professionally designed and welded aluminum fuel tank. Used by many boat manufacturers. Built to meet US Coast Guard regulations, RDS fuel tanks use heavy duty, .090 gauge aluminum alloy. Each tank is pressure tested. Tank includes built-in internal baffle to reduce sloshing. Can be used for either gasoline or diesel fuel. Side corners are radius bent, not welded. All tanks have 1/4" NPT pickup, 1-1/2" fill and 1/2" vent fittings. Add 3" to height for fittings. Below deck tanks have electrical sending units and removable vent plugs. Mounting tab securing system. Dimensions: 36-1/2"L x 16-3/8"W x 7"H. 18 gallon capacity. This product is not available at any merchants.
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