Raritan Marine Elegance - Household Style - Bone - Freshwater - Smart Controller - 12V

Category: Marine Plumbing & Ventilation ยป Marine Sanitation
Brand: Raritan
Model: 220AHF012

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Household Style
Programmable Smart Switch Control
Raritan's new Vortex Vac Flush Technology eliminates the need for vacuum pumps and tanks as well as foot pedals and other mechanical components that can fail. This results in a system that is easier to install with significant cost savings.
The vacuum is created directly in the bowl eliminating "old style" below deck components
This unmatched flushing action is the quietest and most efficient in its class yet uses only a small amount of water extending the useful capacity of most holding tanks.
All discharge components are located within the bowl reducing installation time and costs
A solenoid valve is conveniently located within the bowl to provide for use with onboard pressurized water along with a vaccuum break for added security of your fresh water supply
The first toilet in its class to offer:
  • Low water usage
  • Small footprint for compact installation
  • One piece vitreous china bowl
  • Angled back for contoured fit

The Marine Elegance Toilet Features:
  • Quiet operation
  • Unmatched rinsing capabilities
  • Low Water consumption
  • Built in shredder reduces clogs
  • Can pump 10ft vertically, or 100ft horizontally

The Raritan Smart Flush Control Offers:
  • Fully programmable, easy to use control
  • Attractive wall mount design
  • Flush using no water, little water, or timed flush
  • Optional lock out feature when tank is full

The Raritan Smart Flush Control is a fully programmable flush control. The
control allows users to flush the toilet with no water, a small amount of
water or a fully timed flush. the timed flush feature can be adjusted on the
panel without having to remove any components.
  • Normal Flush - starts a timed flush, walk away and the toilet
    will run through a sequence of intake and discharge modes ensuring maximum
    bowl rinse, bowl re-fills to leave water in the bow
  • Water Saver - starts a timed flush using half of the water of a
    normal flush. Bowl refills to leave water in the bowl.
  • Water Only - adds aditional water to the bowl without discharging
    any of the contents of the bowl. Allows the user to wet the bowl prior to
    use or fill the bowl to a certain level to minimize water usage.
  • Empty Only - allows the user to evacuate the bowl while using no
    water. While the button is pressed the discharge pump will run, when
    released the pump stops.
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