RAM Mount Pro-Pull 2" Heavy Duty Prop Puller

Brand: Ram Mounting Systems
Model: PPF-107

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PRO-PULL Heavy Duty models are designed to remove 2, 3, most 4 and some 5 blade propellers on inboard shafts ranging from 1 1/4" - 3". They are made of high strength heat-treated allow steel and finished with cadmium for protection. Threaded rods, washers and nuts are zinc plated steel. The forked end of the puller will fit behind the propeller hub with minimal clearance required. The shaft end of the puller has a recess to captivate and hold the propeller shaft in the center of the tool so it won?t slip off while in use.
(1 5/8" - 2") Shaft diameter propeller puller. Clearance required between propeller hub and strut is 13/16" minimum.
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