PSS Shaft Seal Maintenance Kit 1 1/4" Shaft 2" Tube

Category: Marine Hardware ┬╗ Shaft Seals
Brand: Pss Shaft Seal
Model: 07-114-200R

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FOR 1 1/4" SHAFT 2" TUBE
As with any rubber hose below waterline, the PSS bellows must be inspected
on a regular basis for any sign of wear, aging or chemical deterioration.
The PSS bellow should be replaced in six year intervals. During bellows
replacement it is recommended the o-rings & set screws in the stainless
steel rotor also be replaced.
Bellows may need to be more frequently inspected in an environment where
non-sealed batteries emit sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid vapor will accelerate
rubber deterioration, as will an ozonater.
The Maintenance Kit includes the items you need to properly maintain your
PSS Shaft Seal. Included in the kit is one (1) PSS bellow, two (2) O-rings,
five (5) set screws, four (4) new hose clamps and an allen key.
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