Oceanair DryRoll Toilet Paper Holder

Brand: Oceanair
Model: DR-W-RP

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  • Waterproof when closed
  • Automatic paper delivery and rewind mechanism
  • Hard wearing molded ABS plastic, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Simple installation, all mounting hardware included
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$46.0DefenderUnknown08 Sep 2018
$49.06eBayIn Stock17 Oct 2018
$49.99eBayIn Stock17 Oct 2018
$50.36eBayIn Stock17 Oct 2018
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$52.17eBayIn Stock17 Oct 2018
$53.87eBayIn Stock06 Sep 2018
$62.68eBayIn Stock17 Oct 2018
$68.8eBayIn Stock25 Sep 2018
$85.59eBayIn Stock17 Oct 2018
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