NavPod GP2077 SystemPod Pre-Cut f/Raymarine c95/c97/e95/e97 & 2 Instruments f/12" Wide Guard

Brand: Navpod
Model: GP2077

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NavPod GP2070 Series - SystemPods for Sail are for mounting multiple pieces of electronics in one NavPod. This is a good way to reduce the height of a system. In addition to mounting a radar or chartplotter, you can have room for an autopilot, instrument, stereo controller, or VHF mic.
A SystemPod is best mounted on a Single Bend AngleGuards.
SystemPods for Power are for mounting on a SK135 Stachion Kit can be used to mount a SystemPod on a flat surface, such as the flybridge. Stachion Kits can also be used with a SystemPod for overhead mounting applications.
Overall Size: 10.5"H x 23.25"W x 6.75"D
Usable Face: 8.25"H x 21"W x 5.375"D
Max Cutout: 8.125"H x 20.75"W
Instrument Cutout: 3.6"
All SystemPods include
  • Acrylic capped ABS plastic
  • Chromed stainless steel tamper-poof fasteners
  • Double seal for watertight integrity
  • Models are available pre-cut for popular electronics
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware and mounting gaskets

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