NavPod AngleGuard AG226 - Double Bend - 12" Wide

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Brand: Navpod
Model: AG226

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PART #:AG226
Description:AngleGuard, 2 Bend, 58"H for one Instrument and/or Radar Chartplotter NavPod up to 13.5"
W x H x D:12" x 64" x 1.25"

NavPod Protects Your Electronics In Harsh Conditions
Angle Guards 12" Wide
Lewmar (formally Whitlock) has primarily used a 12" wide pedestal guard on the steering systems they manufacturer. It is always 1.25" in diameter and can easily accomodate retrofitting of any the 12" wide AngleGuards without the need of top plate replacement.
NavPod does not accommodate upgrading other popular european manufacturers like Goiat or Solomar. In the US, Merriman/Yacht Specialities produced many systems still in use today on older boats. This system is recognized by a 1" in diameter pedestal guard and 12.5" width measured on center of the tubes. All of these systems would need to be converted into accommodating the 9.5" or 12" wide AngleGuards in order to mount the necessary NavPods to hold your new electronics.
Watertight Silicone Seal
Keeps rain and salt water spray off electrical connections on the back of electronics
Special fasteners and wrench are included that provide security and convenience to leave electronics on-board
Concealed Wiring
No loose wires are exposed to corrosion and UV damage
Clean Installation
The clean look of flush mounting. Mount your display where you can best see and reach it.
Pre-Cut Models
Come with a Flush Mount Kit, which includes the specific gasket and mounting hardware for your electronics if not supplied by manufacturer with unit.
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