Simrad OP40 Wired Remote f/NSO & NSE Systems

Brand: Navico
Model: 000-10298-002

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The OP40 allows captains to control all naviagtional functions with ease and
speed. This logical piece of hardware matches the NSO's intuitive program
architecture to deliver exceptional performance in any sea state.
OP40 Wired Remote - Controls upto four processors - includes OP40 wired
remote, N2KEXT-2RD: Standard NMEA 2000 extension cable - 0.6m (2ft), N2K-T-RD-T: Micro-C / NMEA 2000 T-connector, Sun Cover, mounting hardware
and flush mount template. Can be used with NSO and NSE
  • Alphanumeric Keypad - Provides logical operation of all navigation
  • Rotary Controller - Allows for rapid zoom and redraw of charts and
    instant adjustment of echo gain. Push to enter functionality is also
    intuitive and quick
  • Quick Touch Keys - Immediate access to the information and control you
  • Includes dedicated Pilot button
  • Port/Stbd LED Indicators - Clearly see course adjustments to port and
  • Multi Processor Operation - Ability to control up to four processors
  • IPX6 Certified
  • Fully waterproof

Comes With:
  • OP40 Unit
    1 x N2KEXT-2RD: Standard NMEA 2000 extension cable - 0.6m (2ft)
    1 x N2K-T-RD-T: Micro-C / NMEA 2000 T-connector
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Simrad OP40 Wired Remote f/NSO & NSE
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