Mariner Misting System

Brand: Misty Mate
Model: 16600

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  • MistyMate 16600 Cool Camper 6 Portable Campsite Misting Kit and 2 Misty Mate 15006 Keepin Cool 6 Portable Misting Kits
  • 6 Misty Mate 1oz Personal Mini Misters (3 Blues, 2 Yellows, and 1 Pink) plus 2 Misty Mate 20007 16 Classic Personal Mister (Black),
  • 5 02-COOL Carabiner Water Misting Fans ( 2 Blue, 2 Purple, and 1 Green) along with 3 02-COOL Squeeze Breeze Misting Fans (Pink)
  • 2 Generic Uniqueware Battery Operated Spray Bottle Fans (Blue)
  • 2 Frogg Togg Chilly Pads (one Yellow and one Khaki) and then last but not least 2 icool Cooling Towels both blue
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$9.99 (Used)eBayIn Stock07 Jun 2019
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