Lewmar Size 10 Low-Profile Deck Hatch

Brand: Lewmar
Model: 39910030

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Support SystemLower Frame (in)Acrylic ColourHatch Weight (lb)Acrylic Window Thickness (in)
Self Supporting9/16Smoke Grey4.95/16


Length  (in)Width (in)Height (in)Radii (in)Cut-Out Length (in)Cut-Out Width (in)Cut-Out Radii (in)
131312 7/810 1/410 1/41 11/16

Mounting Instructions
Fit to a flat surface with a maximum tolerance of +/- 1mm. Fastening size at hinge section use M6 (1/4"). Fastening size for lower frame use 5mm CSK screw No.10 UNC 2 BA.

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$210.94eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
$213.95Hodges MarineIn Stock30 May 2018
$220.0eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
$223.99DefenderUnknown12 Jun 2018
$233.7eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
$244.84eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
$245.36eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
$252.9eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
$259.33eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
$259.33eBayIn Stock02 Jun 2018
$260.49eBayIn Stock18 Jun 2018
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