Lenco 101XDS Short Extreme Duty Actuator - 12V - 2-1/4" Stroke w/5/16" Hardware

Category: Boat Outfitting » Trim Tab Accessories
Brand: Lenco Marine
Model: 15057-001

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  • Wire Length:6'
  • Top Cap Hole:5/16"
  • End Hole:5/16"

Instant response electric actuators are made of high impact glass fiber filled, ultraviolet-resistant nylon material with 316 super buff stainless steel tubing.
Lenco's ballscrew design is more reliable and twice as powerful compared to typical hydraulics.
Lenco Actuator connections use waterproof "Plug & Play" Deutsch connectors eliminating the possibility of water intrusion.
  • Stronger top cap and mounting clevis design
  • Improved pressure-tight torx screws
  • Integrated wiper seal at actuator base
  • Molded-in brass thrust bearing design
  • Thicker and stronger motor housing wall
  • Improved O-Ring design for more consistant seal
  • Over-molded cable providing a stronger tighter seal
  • Upper mounting bracket with gland seal
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