4" Gen II Shaft Seal, Stern Tube: 6"

Brand: Lasdrop Shaft Seals
Model: G-400-6

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  • The Gen II uses a 316-marine grade stainless steel spring to provide pressure to the seal surfaces; Together, the spring and seal ring rotate along with the shaft and remain secure in the housing
  • The clamp/pressure housing is secured to the shaft without the use of set screws preventing galling or damage to the shaft
  • Dual u-cup seals, which also rotate on the shaft, are seated inside of the seal ring and prevent the passage of water to this point
  • The friction ring assembly is constructed of a durable copolymer housing protecting the carbon graphite; It also incorporates a water lubricated bearing maintaining correct alignment to the shaft
  • Kits include AWAB hose clamps that are made of 316 SS with rolled band edges to eliminate risk of damage to the hose; The non-perforated band provides twice the tensile strength of a regular clamp
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