Ironwood Pacific Outdoors Snap Setter

Category: Boat Outfitting ยป Tools
Brand: Ironwood Pacific Outdoors
Model: 008.4

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Snap Setter Tool
Why go to a custom repair shop to fix your canvas snaps when you can quickly and easily do it yourself with the Snap Setter snap setting tool? With snap-shaped dies welded directly to a rugged locking plier, the Snap Setter Snap Setting Tool is designed to install the cap (dome) of the snap directly to the canvas. The locking plier design provides greater leverage than die-and-peg snap tools and will last much longer than the light duty snap pliers you see in some marine stores.
  • Set your own snaps with the Snap Setter Tool
  • Heavy-duty locking plier with welded snap dies
  • Great value compared to cheaper tools or more expensive locking plier options
  • Works on the dome (cap) side of the snap only
  • Works with virtually all boat snaps
  • Nickel plated finish resists rust and corrosion
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