FUSION MS-RA70N AM/FM/NMEA 2000 w/Bluetooth & FUSION-Link - 4x50W

Brand: Fusion
Model: MS-RA70N

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  • 4x50W Class A Amplifier
  • Same as RA70 with FUSION-Link and NMEA Network
  • Single Din rear and face will fit into a traditional car stereo hole cut-out
  • Great for new and retrofit installations
  • Can get a FUSION product in traditional single din face and rear cut-out
  • AM/FM/iPhone/iPod/Android interface
  • Built-in high level Bluetooth
  • Will work with FUSION-Link Bluetooth Remote Control App
  • Rear USB connection
  • Full Apple and Android Interface via UNIDOCK or Panel Mount USB Cable
  • Optically Bonded Glass Display
  • Front IPX6 when mounted
  • 2-Zone with 1 discrete Pre-Out and Sub-Out
  • 1 Aux-In
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