Furuno If1500ais Interface Box

Category: Marine Navigation & Equipment ยป Radar - Stand Alone
Brand: Furuno
Model: IF1500AIS

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The IF1500AIS is an interface box that enables connection of any AIS Transponder or receiver to the FR8XX2 Series radar. Note that when connecting an FA150 to any FR8XX2 series display, the IF1500AIS is NOT required! Once 38.4 KBPS AIS data is connected, and both heading and position information are available at the display, the FR8XX2 will display AIS information.
Along with the IF1500AIS, the following optional cables are required to get heading, position and the IF1500AIS interfaced to the FR8XX2 series display:
  • 2 each 000-154-028 7 Pin cables _ One for position input to the FR8XX2 Radar display, and another one to connect the IF1500 AIS to the FR8XX2 Radar display.
  • 1 each 000-154-054 _ 6 pin cable for connecting heading data into the FR8XX2 Radar display.
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