Furuno DRS4D-NXT Solid-State Doppler Radar

Brand: Furuno
Model: DRS4D-NXT

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The NXT Leap In Radar Technology
A Solid-State Radar with pulse compression, Target Analyzer™ and Fast Target Tracking™ utilizing Doppler technology. Combined with Furuno's exclusive RezBoost™ technology, the DRS4D-NXT packs the performance of an open array radar, in a compact 24" radome.
Target Analyzer™
The DRS4D-NXT is the first radar in the world to use the Target Analyzer™ function. Targets that are approaching your vessel automatically change color to help you identify when they are hazardous. Green echoes are targets that stay stationary, or are moving away from you, while red echoes are hazardous targets that are moving toward your vessel.
Echoes dynamically change colors as targets approach, or get farther away from your vessel. This improves situational awareness and can increase safety by showing you which targets to look out for.
  • RezBoost™ Beam Sharpening
  • Bird Mode
  • Fast Target Tracking™
  • NXT, Solid-State pulse compression Doppler Radar
  • Bird Mode, track birds to nd the best shing grounds
  • Simple installation, no need to open the radome, external PSU is not required
  • Smart-connector cable for retro fitting existing DRS cable installations
  • No warm-up time
  • Compact 24" radome with 25W output power
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