Big Jon Universal Mounting Plate

Category: Boat Outfitting ยป Downrigger Accessories
Brand: Big Jon Sports
Model: KT56UBP

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Now you can mount any downrigger on the most solid built mounting bases available!
Big Jon Sports can meet your need to mount your downriggers (any brand of downriggers) on the most solid built mounting bases available.
Just add Big Jon's Universal Base Plate to any of the mounting bases for a truly secure mounting system.
All Big Jon Sports mounting bases are precision machined from aluminum.
Big Jon Sports offers several different bases that will solve a variety of needs.
PriceSellerAvailabilityLast Seen
$48.38Hodges MarineIn Stock20 Nov 2017
$56.3Amazon.comIn Stock21 Nov 2017
$57.74eBayIn Stock23 Nov 2017
$61.2eBayIn Stock30 Oct 2017
$62.45eBayIn Stock03 Oct 2017
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