B&G Triton Speed/Depth/Wind Package w/2 Triton Displays

Category: Marine Instruments ยป Instruments - Multi & Repeaters
Brand: B&G
Model: 000-13712-001

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Triton Performance For Everyone
The Triton instrument and Pilot range brings the outstanding performance synonymous with B&G to the cruising yachtsman and club racer in an easy to use, great value, package. Unlike any other instrument display available in its class, Triton utilizes a unique bonded 4.1-inch LCD display to offer unrivalled benefits to every sailor.
Clearly read sailing information including wind, speed, depth, heading, pilot status, log, timer and much more on a tough, sunlight viewable screen that's almost 40% larger than rivals.
Grand Prix derived sensor technology provides the most accurate information available.
  • Speed
  • Depth
  • Wind

Parts included:
2 - 000-10607-001 - Triton Digital Display, T41
1 - 22098552 - Speed/Dept/Temperature sensor
1 - 000-10652-001 - Triton Wind Sensor Pack with 20 m cable
1 - 000-10760-001 - Micro-C Backbone kit This product is not available at any merchants.
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