B&G Vulcan 7 Chartplotter

Brand: B&G
Model: 000-11832-001

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Perfect for Sailors
B&G 7" chartplotter is for all sailors, with dedicated sailing features such as SailSteer™, Laylines, and instrument displays; plus Wi-Fi for integration with sailing apps & services.
B&G Vulcan is a 7-inch chartplotter built specifically for the sailors. Packed with sailing specific functions such as B&G's Award Winning SailSteer™, sailors can see all key sailing data at a glance. SailSteer allows sailors to view crucial sailing data on one handy screen or alternatively overlaid on your position on the chartplotter screen.
With the addition of sailing instruments and sensors via NMEA 2000® network, SailSteer evolves with the possibility to show Boat Speed, Wind data, Heading, Tide, Wind Shift Sectors and even Laylines - enhancing the detail on the SailSteer and chart screens. Sailors can also make the most of Sailing Time, which provides accurate waypoint arrival times based on realistic sailing manoeuvres, rather than a straight-line calculation. When connected to a B&G Pilot, the V7 acts as a fully functioning autopilot controller providing Intelligent Sail Steering, manual and auto steering functions and Smart Manoeuvre combined with intuitive menus for ultimate control.
Vulcan 7 has built in WIFI allowing you to connect to the internet, via a marina or smartphone Hotspot, and access the GoFree™ Shop where you can download charts and software updates direct to your V7. You can also mirror your V7 on your smartphone or tablet allowing your to view and control (tablet only) your chartplotter from virtually anywhere on your boat. Advanced NMEA 2000 network integration facilitates various options including: SonicHub™ marine audio server to enjoy your favourite music while on the water, DSC VHF Marine Radio and AIS transponder/receivers for the ultimate in on water safety and communication.
  • 7" Multi-Touch Sailing Chartplotter
  • Award Winning Sailing Features like SailSteer
  • Choose your favorite charts
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for GoFree
  • Control your B&G Pilot
  • Large digit instrument display
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