Airmar Replacement Speed Wheel for P66 Transducer

Brand: Airmar
Model: 33-346-03

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  • 1 each brown 4 blade paddlewheel in carrier
  • fits Airmar types: P66 Style B Transducers made in 2004 or after. Please compare wheels, only use with new P66's.
  • Paddlewheel and carrier with all parts necessary for replacement
  • Same as Raymarine R69079
PriceSellerAvailabilityLast Seen
$24.95TheGPSStore.comUnknown20 Apr 2018
$25.0eBayIn Stock26 Feb 2018
$44.6eBayIn Stock03 Mar 2018
$45.11eBayIn Stock28 Feb 2018
$45.12eBayIn Stock07 Mar 2018
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