AIRHEAD Bling Stealth Wakeboard Rope - 75' 5-Section

Category: Watersports ยป Ski/Wakeboard Ropes
Brand: Airhead
Model: AHWR-11BL

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This wakeboard rope will give you swagger! It sparkles in the sun and glows in twilight! The extravagant look compliments the luxury of high end boats, adds a little class to lesser boats and makes you look like a watersports pro! BLING series ropes are one of a kind, shiny and reflective material is braided together with top quality polypropylene. This 75 foot wakeboard rope has 4 take-off sections, 5ft, 5ft, 10ft and 10ft., resulting in rope lengths of 75 ft., 70 ft., 65 ft., 55 ft. and 45 ft.. The handle has an aluminum core, a 15 in. EVA squid grip and full finger protectors.
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$35.99Amazon.comIn Stock16 Jun 2019
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